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If you need wear protection products for your mine or industry site, the products available for wear protection at Calyco are second to none..

Wear protection products such as Wear Plate Systems, Liners, Ceramic Mats, Alumina Ceramic Rollers, Industrial Ceramic Tiles and Cast Basalt Tiles, Adhesives, Epoxy Paste Compounds and Silicon Carbide are among the product Calyco Mining Equipment supplies.

As a leading Australian Wear Protection Products Company, Calyco staff is fully expert at helping you make an informed decision when choosing the solution for your equipments wear protection.


Products in our range are manufactured using materials specially selected for impact, abrasion and rolling resistance. Superior wear protection products that are longer wearing will help protect your equipment from abrasive wear and associated cost and minimise maintenance downtimes all whilst improving safety by reducing hazards and associated risks.

At Calyco, your equipment and its wear protection are our priority. We are one of just a few Australian Mining Equipment supplies companies that's core business is wear protection products. Our expertise and understanding of how to best apply the systems and solutions for protecting mining and industry equipment ensures the very best in wear protection and products available for our customers.

Calyco is represented in 3 states, with manufacturing in Perth, Western Australia. We have a representative based in Melbourne, Victoria and have recently opened a branch in Queensland that manufactures and supplies Wear Protection Products to the East Coast of Australia.

Local manufacturing of Wear Protection Products provides fast turn around, low lead/shipping times for our mining industry clients. This gives our customers the flexibility for forward planning, helping to reduce inventory costs whilst freeing up cash flow.

Green Environmentally

Our Wear Protection Products Company is taking a leadership position in the area of environmental protection at mines and has worked hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We have introduced environmentally friendly policies to significantly lower GWP. Our urethane elastomers are cold cast-able (this limits the use of heated facilities which significantly reduces energy usage). Calyco have also reduced the use of hydrocarbon propellant in our release agent compounds. Our wear plates/compounds are designed with the intent of 98% of the product can be used as back fill.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our position on Occupational Health and Safety within our working environment has been adopted also in the Wear Protection Products that we supply to our customers.
We aim to remove potential issues immediately in the workplace and always look forward in the development of products and future technologies. Most of our mining and related products have either no or low VOC and are Solvent and Carcinogen free.

Specification on Wear Protection Products and mining equipment supplies such as Technical Data and Material Safety Sheets can be supplied on request.

So for the best Wear Protection Products available to protect your mining equipment or that found at other installations, contact the team at Calyco Mining Equipment Supplies.

Calyco is justifiably proud of our record for professional service and encourages you to consider buying your mining equipment supplies and Wear Protection Products from u

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